You Never Did Anything Wrong

Mariana Rocha

Mariana Rocha is a young artist from Portugal who opens her soul for us to read and watch it. She presents us a series of photographs and a story of her own, which reveals her intimacy throughout an autobiographic series in which color plays a crucial role, but not color as a general concept, pink as a particular reality.

You Never Did Anything Wrong

2014, July. 
“We travelled to Lisbon on a cold morning and I didn’t sleep much last night.

She spent the night at the hospital, but when I left home, she was already sleeping even with pain in her chest. The last time she saw me was through the window of the ambulance. 

The train ride lasted for about three hours and when we arrived in the capital, we had a little lunch and ironically talked about death. We all fell asleep and I was awakened by a phone call from mom. My grandmother died.

She was the truly and only stepping stone in my little family. Me and my mom were devastated and my grandfather felt nothing. But only for a while ...

The pink brings the women together. My mom gave birth to me in that pink robe. And at the age of twenty, she gave me that robe and I keep it since that time and I keep photographing us with them.

One day I spent an afternoon seeing my grandmother’s clothes and I found another pink robe in her closet. That’s why this series is full of pink. I see pink in the hospital floor, I see pink in the robes, in her flowers that still grow in her garden, I see pink in a girl clothes, on the painted hair of a teenager. Even the sheets of my great-grandmother are pink, the color is everywhere!”.