Yes, Of Course It Hurts

María Leyba

I guess growing up in a country where racial representation is almost nonexistent has distinguished my way of seeing the world and developing in it. When I was a child I was always looking for racialized figures with whom I could identify. The absence of them gave me the desire to look for that figure that I wanted to find so much. As a result, I asked myself, "If I can't find my references, why not try to create them?

As an answer to this question arises "Yes, Of Course It Hurts", a series of photographs in which I want to show the bonds that are created between racialized people, the strength to achieve new progress in society and the need we have to rely on people that society sees in the same way. All seen from an intimate and personal viewpoint.


Photography/ María Leyba
Light Assistants/ Mel Cascabelo,  Miguel Germán,  Felipe Orellana
Stylist/ Nadia Gil
Make-Up & Hair/ Alana Rodrigues


Your Decade / un_concept / Barracuda
Luz Muerta / DEvaya / Pulan Studio


Beninfonde Eunate Quessangue Seide
Marina Gomes Gutiérrez
Isabella  Martínez Mena