Xavier Casanueva

Xavier Casanueva is a photographer based in Paris. He has recently moved to continue his career and pursue new horizons. Currently working as a freelance, Xavier seeks to express his artistic perspective through unanticipated combinations and deconstruction of elements in a desire to constantly shape and redefine his unique vision.

Documentary photography is one of the genres of his interest that allows Xavier to create authentic connections with people on set, driving them to self-expression. The passion for juxtapositions and contrasts brings delicate shots from indoors and outdoors locations, from nature and cityscapes; his work is construed mainly in the domain of fashion while crossing the border to an authentic aesthetics of semi-documentary photography.

His editorial work as been published in Vogue, Puss Puss Magazine, Lula,  L’Officiel, Sleek, T Magazine and Behind The Blinds.