María Viñas

Cuentos Rosales read the cards to me one afternoon and I was very receptive, and the message that came out was what I needed to hear –very much present in the project–. It was then when we knew that the work we were doing had to be about the cards, a bit like a healing process and strength.

The three of us had an energy that flowed very well together and we decided to put it into the project. It is thought of as a development, which begins in love, goes through prosperity, blossoming and the flow of water, ending with the maximum expression of freedom through the arts, dance and transformation. I also wanted the intimacy with which we presented these sensations to be very present, so I wanted to make it very domestic, very homey, to bring it into something more introspective and not necessarily aesthetic.


Photograhy & Creative Direction/ María Viñas 
Stylist/ Jel Studio


Luca de Tena / Coconuts Can Kill / Peter Sposito
emeerree / A HUGCelia Calderón Asensio


Cuentos Rosales