Trainning for a Marathon

by Earl Elliot

Earl Elliot is a 22-year-old songwriter and producer from Antwerp, Belgium. 

Since moving to Amsterdam at the age of 17 he put out a series of short demos on YouTube. 
 On the last August Friday of 2020 Elliot released his first two singles 'Stufato' and 'Chroma', both accompanied by lyric videos that breathe a sense of endless summer.

Training For A Marathon

‘Training For A Marathon’ is a song about anxiety. Anxiety towards the future and anxiety towards making art. It’s a song about the insecurities that come with growing up. Wondering if it gets easier, whether in the end everything will be okay. Am I good enough in what I do to make it last, or am I training for a marathon I’m not able to run?

The video directed by young Dutch director Danny Griffioen takes the metaphor of a marathon to new heights. Elliot is seen going through different stages of trying, getting ready, running around a track, the urge to quit but the inability to actually do so. His own doubts personified with the appearance of the coach, who hurls abuse at Elliot and seems unable to be satisfied.

Earl Elliot can only keep going.

‘Training For A Marathon’ is written and produced by Earl Elliot, with production from Maurits Nijhuis and Daan Schepers. Drums by Klaas De Somer,  additional guitar by Sammy Huijts 

Artwork by Kato Trappers and Mauri Cardon
Promotional photographs by Anton Fayle and Sophie Vanhasselt.

Trainning for a Marathon is available here


Artist/ Earl Elliot