Submitting Guidlines

1. Submissions must be made by email at
2. Every submission must have a short biography and a brief description about the work in PDF.
3. Images must be sent via WeTransfer or a link to a webpage with the chosen pictures. No submissions via social media will be accepted.
4. The fact of submitting your work does NOT guarantee a feature in the magazine. If the quality is appropriate we will contact you in order to select your photos and talk about your feature.

Please follow the guidelines, we look forward to watching your best work! By submitting to OD Magazine you warrant that your contribution:

●  Is your own original work and that you have the right to make it available.
●  It is not defamatory.
●  It does not infringe on any law or agreement.

Due to the high volume of emails we beg you, please, do not feel upset if we do not answer