Rebecca Quix

Rebecca Quix (b.1999, Brussels, BE) lives and studies in Brussels (Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts).

Out of proportion.
Inconsistent with the common order. Something isn’t right.

It’s a strange thing.

Are they human?

The formulation of a path which goes from figurative to abstract. All disposed at the mercy of the viewer. Needless to say that Rebecca Quix is cramming an instant chaos into lines and colors. A possible human body that lets you catch a glimpse only to immediately vanish. Her work reflects on the observation of beings and the different ways to grasp the same situation. “The reality from different perspectives creates anthropomorphic creatures. Figures made through body parts that do not fit. Transformation of the human body. Transforming while painting” says Rebecca. Everything she creates explores a sense of weirdness, an attempt to squeeze a fragment into a narrow recipient.

These works feel somehow more specific when you lay your sight on them for a while, as if the true challenge were figuring out where these forms come from. The Belgian artist playfully eludes to a hidden force that could be interpreted as either oppressive or liberating. It reveals a changing flow, where unexpected positions are constantly adopted.  Rather than further analyse the abstract forms looking for arms, legs and ghostly faces the display invites us not to underestimate an overall attitude, common both in abstract and figurative pieces because as the artist set out: “You think you know what you’re looking at. But you don’t. You only get a suggestion.”