Rainy Siagian

August 2020

Rainy Siagian (b.1994) is an artist based in-between Brussels (Belgium) and Reykjavik (Iceland). In her work, she constructs a different understanding of the meaning of light and space. Playing with confusion and the unknown of the tradition of romantic landscape. Whereas some images are carefully constructed, others are incidental scenes she encounters, thus becoming less about a specific subjects and more about feeling.

After she obtained her MFA from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium, Siagian has repeatedly returned to Iceland, which has since been a fertile source of inspiration for her. Foregrounding the narratives and the fragments is what defines her practice.

Exhibitions of Siagian work took place internationally and appeared in such publications as Aint Bad Magazine, Phases Magazine, C41 Magazine, among many others. She is currently a doctoral researcher in Museum Studies in the University of Iceland


In Birdwatching and Silver Sunbeam, Rainy Siagian attempt to observe the way the midnight sun affects the landscape in Iceland. Which is a natural phenomenon that takes place during the summertime, where a consecutive 24- hour span of sunlight can be experienced.

By switching her day into night and night into day, body and mind got fully confused. Days seem to be endless. Dark, starry night can’t be observed. Through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within her, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics. After midnight while everyone else is asleep, the birds and herself seem to be the only one who is still awake in the land where the sun doesn’t set, it barely touches the horizon and fades seamlessly into the sunrise.

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