Quand les Enfants Parlent, les Adultes se Taisent

Mathilde Vanlint

A hybrid collection, which takes as its starting point an interpretation of the memories of my relationship with my grandfather Luis, of his house, of his injunctions and his affirmations.

Quand les Enfants Parlent, les Adultes se Taisent feeds from the contrasts in which I have evolved, shifts in cultures and environments which creates a world in permanent mutation.This collection talks about the development of my identity, the creation of my universe which has its roots in Luis's but also in my gatherings, my friends, my experiences.A universe that takes over my roots to reinvent them.

This collection was produced entirely with the means at hand, using what we already have to create something new, reinvent what already exists building a future conscious of its environment and respect for others.

- Mathilde Vanlint


Mathilde Vanlint


Photography/ Miguel Rózpide
Photography Assistant/ Aitana del Sol
Make-Up & Hair/ Marthe Lengeler


Romain Bichot
Aitana del Sol
Sofia Saerens
Rémi Vergnanini