Sara Calviño & Alberto Font

Albert Font Garcia is a New York-based photographer from Spain. He has spent his years capturing still images of people, cultures, and landscapes from around the world to around the block, with a very unique and distinctive style. After living in London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Madrid studying different kinds of art, he has settled in Brooklyn where his international career combines both fashion and art worlds to create moody and emotive portraits. Although specialized in fashion photography, he nevertheless combines commercial projects with more personal ones.

The latter are becoming his path in life allowing him to discover emotions and feelings never before expressed. His work has been published in worldwide magazines; and he continues to exhibit his prints internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. He is concerned with the magic moment and always makes a concerted effort to make sure nothing gets in the way of that. Every tool he uses to create his work is geared towards his philosophy of capturing that moment from his experiences.

Sara Calviño Ferreira is a Madrid-based artist. She's Scorpio ascendant Cancer. Since very young she has been involved in the world of the image and communication. She grown up in a world full of visual and artistic content. She firmly believe that the indispensable tool for an artist is not a computer, otherwise the hands and the mind.Definitely, She trust in the history of the human being, since it begining; the traces as a mean to communicate, understand and define the world that surrounds it.

The rhythm of life has sometimes prevented me from developing ideas that I had forgotten in the "things I would like to do" trunk.

ProyectoShe is a travel notebook where you can capture and share artistic ideas about unique objects created from the combination of different sculptural materials - clay, paste, pigments, enamels, color - its birth as an inert object and its transformation into art.

They are unique pieces result of inspiration in times of confinement and introspection. Something that started as entertainment therapy has transformed into a language of its own that at first it was only shared through photography on Instagram.

This serie shows a love story between the pieces project and the human being as one unique character. Through FaceTime, Albert wanted to create a space where there’s sharp dialogue, rich with double entendre and implied history, that’s delivered with an energy that surprises directions to reveal the personal importance of such high price, the love itself.

The camera gets close, and you get to see them look at each other in ways that words fail to describe. Inspired by the figures and lines of impressionist art, the body shows naked, delicate, unprotected, vulnerable and fragile to the viewer. Though is a joyless picture, it represents that opacity to itself that opens the way to the summit of photographic achievement.

Our experiences are common, and still entirely our own. A story shared by all, and one alone.