Isabella Hin

“I view portraits as a unique and intimate moment. A certain detail that has caught my eye and keeps me intrigued. For example a captivating expression, an unexpected posture, a red eye, a haircut. These details are like starting points to a larger mystery - otherworldly and dreamlike - uncapturable.”

Isabella Hin focuses this series on portraits. Throughout all the series we can see how she captures the moment accuratedly, and how she performs her art in order to pause the moment at the right time to catch the perfect position of the model.

When speaking about conveying, moving emotions, as we can see in many of her pictures, Hin uses one feeling as a foundation and then works from it. She depicts the emotion, from the look in the model’s eyes to a simple but descriptive lip movement. Everything is put together in order to create something else, a whole that speaks by itself. There is a lot of storytelling in her pictures, they are really evocative, so one can imagine a story or the life of the people depicted in the portrait. One can also think about how they feel, as we have said before, due to its power to move emotions.

The selection of colours, the choice of light, location, garments, everything seems a bit cinematographic. The moment is very well taken and, sometimes, the movement appears as if it was a frame, as if the characters were about to speak and interact.