One and All

Lemos + Lehmann

Pat Lemos (Spain, 1982) and Lukas Lehmann (Germany, 1986) are visual artists with a BA in Fine Arts from the Polythecnic University of Valencia and the Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein of Halle/Salle, respectively; creators and members of the artistic duo LEMOS + LEHMANN, active since 2014. Nowadays, they live between Spain and Iceland.

Using analogue photography, as the main tool, they explore the concepts of body, environment and time. A triad in which they get immersed through their relationship and the relation established with the places they visit or inhabit. Lemos + Lehmann’s gaze is raw but layered with subtleties, formally moving from the figurative to the most abstract, emotionally and conceptually from the natural to the mystical, and the supernatural.

They start to consolidate their work participating in art festivals and residencies. They have exhibited individually in the galleries White Collective (Vigo, Spain), Lokal-Int (Biel, Switzerland) and soon they will in Ramskram (Reykjavik, Iceland) and The Liminal (Valencia, Spain); gallery that oficially represents them (

Collectively, they have taken part in different national and international shows, such as the CICA Museum in South Korea or the CAAA in Portugal. Their instants appear in reference online magazines such as ANALOG MAGAZINE, HIPPO MAGAZINE, C41, FISHEYE, IGNANT or MINUS37.

Art collection MICA (Spain) hosts some of their pieces.
The duo is currently preparing its first publication The Light Behind and coordinating the LUME Contemporary Photography Festival that will take place in the city of Vigo (Spain) during spring 2021.

One and All is a meditation on life from life itself—a permanent exaltation of the quotidian by capturing the light- bathing skin, objects, and pathways. It can be seen as a microfilm about the hidden and sometimes secret structures that shape what we actually perceive on the surface. At the same time, the artwork is presented as a photographic journey imbued with philosophical inquiry, which exudes its very own, quasi boreal semantics.

One and All behaves as a whole; it is an archive of images defining a principle and drawing a path to get through the woods. In an atmosphere of silence, images happen at a steady pace and appear to behave as the ripples propagating in water: vibration travels across grain, austral colors, and through the skies awaiting dawn. The artists themselves multiply in the geography of their eclectic imagery by transforming their nomad experience in photographic object.

After stopping and contemplating the series in a number of instances, we might end up understanding that One and All flows regardless of verbal language, and words may be of little help to measure or depict anything specific, scarcely bringing us closer to the work. In its multiple meanings, the project cannot be separated from its makers in the same way we cannot uproot reality from our deepest desires. When plunged in the drift, the (re)presentation of reality steams from the pleasure distilled from experience, from the reluctance to consume time in just a few seconds. Looking again, looking with purpose, images vibrate, breathe... heal. All, with no exception.