Obsessive Love Disorder

Oriane Verstraeten

Obsessive Love Disorder. An analogue story about androgenity, love and madness. Absurd is what they called them. On one hand, this generation craves a dreamy and idyllic image to numb its eyes and thoughts. On the other hand, they also feel the desire to keep their feet on the ground. A duality that we brought together in this story. Analogue photography seemed for us the most authentic form of self-expression. An instrument to keep the past close, while fully relating to the present. A project in collaboration with designers from the Fashion Academy of Antwerp, Julia Ballardt, Nico Verhaegen and Angelika Oellinger.


Photograpny/ Oriane Verstraeten
Stylist/ Adrien Gras
Make-up/ Mathilde Van Hoof
Set design/ Sherwood Nkwenti