Nicolas Stolarczyk

Nicolas Stolarczyk is a visual artist and textile designer living and working in Brussels.
Having grown up in the countryside, Touraine (France), Nicolas is greatly inspired by nature, its mysteries or its simple and complex beauty. The organic holds a primordial place in his work, but clashes with other more popular inspirations, naive and utopian symbols.

He also contrasts this inspiration of the natural by the choice of materials such as false nails, or fake pearls, referring to an extreme "femininity", passionate about aesthetics and social environments allowing this type of event.

Multidisciplinary artist Nicolas Stolarcyk
is focusing his work, for some time now, on sculptures with organic serpentine shapes in tinted embroidered false nails but also pearls of all shapes and structure. The nails becomes tortoiseshells, the pearls becomes minerals.

These objects communicate or contrast with a series of patterns. These drawings are made by hand, in gouache, acrylic and ink. These drawings present different writings, more precise and at the same time spontaneous. They then allow a deepening of the universe of his sculptures and prints to transform spaces into wallpapers in order to create a total visual environment.