Monstera Deliciosa

Alejandro Madrid

Many drawings and words are needed. If we take a thread and join heads. It is purity. Like huge chains, round and indestructible, made of carvings that intertwine and burn without stopping without falling apart. It is the heat, the same heat that gives us a shiver of speed. It is silence, because it is not necessary to speak. Just feeling. It is fluidity, accepting and understanding. It is freedom, because its infinity makes us free. There are no limits to love, and that is something precious. It is calm and agitation, vibration to the rhythm of techno.

"Love, supreme principle for contact with the spirit far above intelligence and knowledge"


Stylist/ Moisés Lodez
Photograpny/ Alejandro Madrid
Accesories/ Rígido Jewerly



Sara Ferreia / Moisés Lodez