Lucía Lomas

Lucia Lomas (b.1997, Madrid) is a contemporary illustrator. She studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and is currently studying Fashion Design at the Higher School of Design. Her work tries to generate an aesthetic and visual imaginary linked to fashion. Within this world beings and spaces coexist, as well as their relationship between them, in a pleasant and dark way.

1. There is almost no information about you. Your are anonymous. Who are you?
My name is Lucía Lomas Fuentes and I am 22 years old. I studied Fine Arts in Complutense and now I study Fashion at ESD in Moratalaz. This project came out mainly during the quarantine. I was trying to translate my imaginary as something aesthetic and visual of everything that I liked. I started doing it for myself and my friends told me that I had to show it and the truth is, it's been very well received. I did not expect that.

2. Is there any kind of interest towards stayimg behind the screen, being unknown?
It was not on purpose. It has been a way of leaving my drawings there as an exhibitor. Not that I want to be anonymous.

3. When did you begin to be interested in what you do?
Well, I was just thinking about it the other day when I found a notebook for a visual processing room subject. At the time it was very stuck because the starting point was to make a notebook as we wanted. I was totally free and that is precisely why I got stuck and didn't understand why when it was what I always wanted to do. During my degree I had a great fixation for furniture, the role they occupy in a relationship of space and the space that inhabits it and for this reason, I began to draw sequences of furniture, as if it were a conceptual comic but one day I got fed up and drew two cats with two heads. I found it so "naive" and funny that I enjoyed it more and that's when I gave up what I was doing and started what I'm doing now.

4. What is the starting point when making a new illustration?
Can be anything. To give you an example: the illustration of the mask that is talking on the phone is taken from a day diving on Pinterest where I found a Russian armor from the 18/19 century to hunt bears. I like to create characters of all kinds. I don't like that it's a specific character. I want anyone to identify themselves. Many people tell me that if they are furris and no, they are not.

5. Which techniques do you use?
Well, it is analog and digital. First with a pencil I consider the composition, then I give it a very superficial layer of color with whatever I have hand and finally I scan it to finish it digitally. I don't pay much attention to this, I like that traceability to show.

6. You have created your own universe. How have you done it? How was the process?
It has been difficult. First, all this came up months ago creating a huge Pinterest board. It was a huge amount of images and I didn't know where it was going to take me. Neither the relation between those  images. There were very sweet images along with very dark images. I was saying to myself "What is this?" But I finally managed to translate it in my work.

7. There is a recurrent child thematic, children art codes with certain black humour and adult connotations. Where does it come from?
It is unconscious. I feel that I am still a child, I feel super immature, like in a trapped limbo. I still don't have the resources, nor do I have the responsibilities of an adult because I still live with my parents. I feel like my life has to start at some point but I'm here for now. At the end of the day I feel that form for me. Both black humor, childhood. I'm reconnecting with that little girl.

8. Do you think the artistic world devaluates the kind of art you do?
I don't feel comfortable thinking I'm an artist. If I had given to my work the status of art ... The word pretentious always appears in my mind. Everything I do has always been something for myself or even for my friends. My work functions as love letters to them, memories like when we took some mushrooms in El Escorial, hence the rabbits...

It also feels like a sticker album that you take with you to recess and exchange with your friends. I feel that the word art has weight. It is not that I am detracting from it, it is simply that when I finished my studies in Fine Arts I realized that my place was not to be an artist. Maybe illustrator yes, I like it better. And I don't think the art world devalues what I do. It's just another language and I don't think there is a discussion there. There may be people who think so but I don't think it's general...

9. In which artistic field do you feel more comfortable?
In fashion and styling. I always wanted to do fashion before doing Fine Arts. I have no regrets about the decision to have started another career earlier because now I have many more starting languages when it comes to making fashion. In fact right now I'm working on a collaborative project with emeerree.

10. How has the confinement influenced in your work?
It has been "good" for me because I started to rummage through old notebooks. I scanned them and started to draw on them. You could say that the lockdown was a starting point for what I'm doing now along with peer pressure from my friends telling me I had to share it. That's how it appeared HAHAHA. This is a recess, a playground where I enjoy what I am doing.

11. How do you see youself in the future regarding all this that is coming out of you?
I ask myself many times. I didn't think it was going to be so well received. I would like to continue with fashion illustration but I do not want it to be left alone in that.

12. And last of all. Why @jajajajjjjja_ as your profile name?
Because I'm laughing a lot all the time and the drawings have a lot of humor. And I always say to myself: "this is so absurd that I am amused." I have a very silly and simple humor.