La Bombe Atomique

by Loubna Ouaqqa

La Bombe Atomique is the last womenswear collection of Loubna Ouaqqa made in belgium during Covid-19. She grew up in Amiens, France and lives between Brussels and Paris. Loubna got a first Bachelor from ESAD Saint Etienne in Design in 2016 and then a second Bachelor from La Cambre Modes in 2019. After working in fashion design studios with Hardeman in Amsterdam and Saint Laurent in Paris she is now finishing her master years in La Cambre Modes. Loubna is very attached on how empowering or disobedient a garment can be, how it can sometimes speak for your feelings, or sometimes be a shield.

I wanted to give strenght, to show love, fierceness, glamour against fear, power against violence.


Creative director/ Loubna Ouaqqa
Photograpny/ Hugo Boutry
Makeup Artist/ Alexia Chaudoir

Shoes in collaboration with Edouard de Weissenbruch

Models/ Alexia Chaudoir & Valentine Chaudoir