Josefine Aspvik

January 2020

Josefine Aspvik is a Berlin-based queer artist from Finland. She has created an illustrational platform for unconventional queer beauties in order to make an effort to break the toxic world of beauty standards, norms and gender roles. She is also very passionate about normalizing mental health issues which she does by making comics about her own personal struggles and informative comics with a little hint of sarcasm.

She is very inspired by experimental clothing designers who make sure not to gender their clothing and exaggerated bold jewelry designs. She would love to design clothing herself one day and a lot of the outfits that her characters are wearing is something that she would like to re-create in real life. Her characters are known for wearing an exaggerated amount of jewelry to make those unconventional beauties stand out as much as they deserve. She draws everything digitally and usually starts by sketching floating plants as a background until she gets an idea of what the actual concept of the illustration/comic will be.

She started making comics in 2015 when she moved to Berlin to study illustration design and back then it was all about the people of the Berliner nightlife scene. The signature look of her characters and her colour palette mostly used is inspired by an actual person she saw confidently dancing at the back of the club. All dressed in different shades of pink they were wearing thin glasses, a sharp bowlcut and a choker with a ring that looked like it was heavier than concrete.