Jorge Ariza & Ismael Santos

Jorge Ariza and Ismael Santos share with us their latest series that started with the creation of a new headboard for their bed. Through digital editing and distortion, this artistic duo reveals to us what the reality of their lives is at this moment.

1. How did you meet? And how is your relationship related to the series?
I- We met via Instagram, Jorge had a dream (not wet, promise) about me and told me he had the feeling we would get along. That was two years ago, the rest is history :-)
J- In our relationship we are always planning to do stuff apart from our occupations, Isma has been studying Architecture until february and I am a stylist so even though the different paths, we have compatible views on aesthetics, arts and so.

2. Ismael, how did you come up with the idea of creating this piece and what does it represent for you?
We have been always thinking about getting a headboard for our King size bed but you can’t imagine how expensive they are!
We were obsessed with those old black foundry pieces you see in movies, and also we wanted to have our names on it, like the gates of the fence in a big mansion. We couldn’t afford it so we did one with what we had around: Fabrics, papier mache, glue and black paint. The result was nice and we decided to take pictures around it, but we ended up with this series all around the house.

3. This series of photos began as a result of Ismael making the headboard and the situation we live in today, the quarantine. How did one thing lead to the other?
At the beginning of the quarantine, we were super bored as a result of the sudden slow down of our lives, not only because of the situation globally but also we have finished our studies in february so the amount of free time we have to fill up is incredible! We had this works in mind that we never did so we naturally returned to them.

Now, a month later the situation is kinda different.. let’s say we are getting used to this new rhythm..

4. In the photos we can see the absurd and the over staged as the main photographic language. Would you consider that now we focus more on ourselves and therefore realising how ridiculous we can be?
It is true that not taking ourselves too seriously has been a good help during this time. The quarantine has helped us realize how focused we were on the future and this crazyness about conquering things all the time and not enjoying the present and the absurd of life.

5. Would you consider this period as a challenge to change our lifestyle?
We have two different opinions on this, (J) – I’ve continued exactly the same. I am like a cat enjoying staying at home and being cozy. I’ve been taking care of my hair with new products though, since the lack of fresh air is the nightmare of my curls.(I) I’m the exact opposite, during my masters, I’ve put on some weight and now I’ve joined this group of people that make Yoga at home and also changing the diet to a more healthy one. This is something I would have never thought I was gonna change.

Jorge Ariza


Ismael Santos