Jonas Van der Haegen

March 2020

Jonas Van der Haegen (°1996, Ghent) is a queer artist who is currently based in Belgium doing his Master’s program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. His work functions as a visual research in the artist’s personal life and interests which touches subjects like sexuality, identity, and relationships. He researches the relationship between himself and his models and the connection that is created. His work questions how we approach gender and sexuality in the 21st century in the frame of freedom or the influence of the internet. Van der Haegen has self-published his work in books like ‘MY COCK HARD’ (2016), ‘You are beautiful, but borderline boring’ (2017) and  is currently working on his third book ‘Love, fuck and pray’.

‘MY COCK HARD’ is a work produced in 2016 and presents a visual diary of the artists personal experiences in exploring his sexuality as a young queer but also gives an abstract idea of sexuality in general in this time where the digital aspect is so important.

The question of human sexuality is particularly complex due to the multiple determinations that cross it. Biology, sociology, psychology, religion, politics, medicine, law, and almost all branches of human knowledge have something to raise or question about the issue.

We also notice difficulties in speaking and behaving spontaneously on these issues, even when they are an almost permanent part of our daily lives. It seems that it weighs a social and individual prohibition on these investigations and most modern anthropologists agree that the repression of sexuality is one of the fundamental elements in nature's passage to the culture.

The instincts that regulate animal social life happen in human society to be transformed into drives, into structures modeled by laws of human interrelation that give rise to and are the origin of culture. The incest taboo is in these factors that are the transition from nature to culture.

We have in our anthropological origin a prohibition on sexuality that is part of our human essence. So when facing this problem we will be bordering on this original repression.

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