Ariel Fisher

Ariel is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Through a mixture of constructed and observational images that stem from a life-long curiosity with entropy, her work explores and embraces the absurdity of a constantly and humorously unravelling universe and our desire to contain it.

Jargon is a photographic response to my general confusion in the 2020 presidential elections. I often feel swept up in buzzwords and find it’s often difficult to cut through the words get to the root of an issue. Despite reading, listening to and watching daily news I still feel it's very hard to decipher basic political dialogues. I wanted to capture my own frustration with the system by following a fictional politician for a day.

In this series, there is a loose narrative of a political figure “canvassing” or trying to sway the undecided. A somewhat anonymous figure that’s entering, persuading and generally performing the “role” of a politician through their body language. My fear is that we are a divided country with major trust issues in the media and it's stalling our progress. We often barter for real news the way we would goods or services in times of need. I find myself fact-checking my own beliefs and harbouring a general unease with decision-making.

The colour blue has no political significance for me other than serving as a visual layer, serving as gloves and a mask that separate the viewer from the truth of the subject.