Indra Zabala

Since she was a child, her life has been surrounded by a bohemian, artistic and cultural atmosphere. Between the paintings of her grandma and the photography knowledge from her father, she started to build her own perspective about art, life and human by itself. Indra bases her works on family connections and take them as a reference in order to define her existential statement.

Her main object is to make people feelings evolve, research in the essence of moments, contexts, problems and of course, her own lifes. About her artistic tools, she uses different media to show her ideals and in a general way, to express her feelings to others. Indra tries to create world and with a subversibe language she always show her support in issues as human body, human contrasts, social opression, pleasure,etc.

"Daily life means for her, the pureness of life and for that reason also one of the most powerful weapon against all the injustices situations to which we are used to".