Fred Tougas

March 2019

Today we introduce Japan Daze, a series of photographs by Fred Tougas, a Canadian artist who travelled to Japan so as to be able to see and analyse how humans and nature get combined: natural vs. artificial. Light and perspective are two of the stunning features of his photographs, great buildings, deep scenes and thoroughly well-chosen angles gather in order to create complex and splendid works of art.

Japan Daze

"Just landed in Tokyo. In one of the most populated urban agglomeration on earth, I would jump into a Shinkansen, a bullet train, to reach a 400 year old sacred shrine sitting in a thick, misty atmosphere under giant cryptomeria trees.  The order, the craft, the discipline.  It all shows, in everything around, in the smallest details.   All cultures are unique,  but there's always been something about Japan that resonated differently.  A different kind of different.  As if this insular people had evolved on a parallel path, skilfully combining the core values of the old ways to the exponential progress of modern era.

I spent three months travelling the country.  An old Minolta at hand, I followed the old ways.  I photographed, the elements, the crafts, the details, the ones that communicated deeply about the roots of its society.   I walked endlessly, alone, not speaking very often, like the sensitive stranger I was.   I observed the cities pulse and climbed revered mountains shrouded by low passing clouds. I stood for hours, watching the light pour through heavy incense smoke during rituals in Buddhist temples.  I found uniformity in singularity, complexity in simplicity.  The order in chaos.   Japan Daze is about a quest towards the mastery oneself".

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