Enter the Vertigo

Sofie Steegen

A collective of objects embodying an internal relation makes one wonder what they exactly are as beings in a room. As a play between artwork and design piece, these objects redefine themselves as a sensory thing to be. Starting from an impulse, Sofie Steegen (°1996, Belgium) stacks her manifested objects one above another. Thus, creating a dynamic play of interrelatedness which is signalled through the correlation of the objects. They are a manifestation through which one can experience a fragmentation of Sofie’s own dream structure.

Each piece, starting from daily impulses and her own dreams converted into intuitive sketch, is given shape in a ceramic form. As objects, these forms are stacked into a changeable column; giving empirical impulses of a visual coherence in which the objects are displayed. It reminds one of a rich assemblance regarding art history as moulded in contemporary fragmented objects. Structured in a surrealistic incongruency, it is composed as a consistent whole, a kind of surrealistic structured Brancusi column with the formality of Matisse and Miro. The installation is a fauvistic resemblance of spacious assemblance. The objects position themselves by the aid of the artist, to stimulate a contemporary field of transhistorical thoughts. Questioning the contemporary field of art and design, only to leave an open, dynamic space through the lens of Sofie Steegen.

Upcoming weekend Sofie Steegen’s work will be exhibiting in the group expo Enter The Vertigo in Ghent, Belgium. (23-25 October 2020 – Minus One, Ghent, Belgium)