Teleworking has increased up to 34% in Spain and this is something that has been imposed by the situation. Much has been said about its many advantages, the increase in productivity and the economic situation of the company, but it is now, as the months go by when we begin to see how it really affects people who spend time working alone at home.

Everything has changed and I adapt very well to the changes. I work from home. When my bosses told me, I was the happiest person in the world. I could sleep an hour more, save myself the rush-hour subway and not leave the comfort that my pyjamas offer. I could work wherever I wanted, always choosing between the sofa and the bed, managing my breaks and working without the pressure of eyes that watch over my typing.

I'm not going to lie, this season is wonderful. I can finally enjoy solitude and I don't have to put up with bad faces. And, most importantly: I don't have to go crazy to choose an outfit that speaks to how confident and empowered I feel that day.

I make my coffee and toast and check the news of the day for inspiration. I read a news story that talks about the disadvantages of teleworking in the medium and long term. They have no idea, telecommuting is the best thing that has happened to me in the last year and no one is going to come and tell me otherwise. Quickly close that tab, I can't afford this negativity. I keep working while I listen to the new Fka Twigs. Look, another advantage, I can listen to what I want at the volume I want.

Days pass and I begin to notice the heaviness of the routine. When you get used to something, it stops being novel. And right here, my productivity starts to drop. My bosses notice it and the pressure grows. Spending so many hours alone makes me disassociate myself from reality. Who dissociates, me or reality? Oh my gosh, I'm awful. I start to ask about psychologists, I don't feel very stable.

I stagger. And my creativity reels with me. I can't afford this. I live on creativity. But creativity lives on stimuli. I adapt well to changes and now my stimuli are different, but damn, they are repeated day after day.

I miss the stimuli that interacting with people offered me, or those that I encountered while travelling. I just remembered how much I liked listening to conversations on the subway and analyzing people playing guessing if they were happy with their lives.

Now I can't choose to go back to my office, it has been closed for months. I am drowning in my loneliness and day today. I'm starting to wonder if I've forgotten how to have real conversations. Then comes the worst of all. My most feared nightmare: the death of creativity.

At Dose Leila Rodríguez, Didi Domenech and Isidro Acedo want to create a synergy in which artists from different disciplines can contribute to each other, enriching their work with influence from others. Encourage the development of artists who have less visibility by creating job opportunities. The place is a physical point of work and project development, fleeing from pre-established limits; explore, develop and transform ideas.

Text by Hellodose
Creative Direction/ Hellodose
Photography/ Javier Ruiz
Illumination/ Borja Llobregat
Stylist/ Carla Paucar
MUAH/ Fab Skum

Laura Lippert