Could Do With a Bit of Polish

Frida Joe

Photography has the ability to compress the movements and the measure of time into something still. Moments that are full of smells, tastes and vibrations are flattened into frozen 2D format that starts to represent respective memory.

A photo keeps mechanically repeating the split second that can never be repeated again in real life. We start to remember the occasions in our lives by the pictures and not by the actual feelings that manifested in us in this moment. In this way, counter memories are born, and so was Frida Joe’s collection. Captured during a daily stroll through the impulsive lens of Nicu Pisari. Were the models really ready? Could do with a bit of polish!


Photography/ Nicu Pisari
Stylist/ Frida Joe
Make-Up/ Clara Barban-Dangerfield
Creative Director/ Mahaut Harley


Frida Joe


Ines Pottier (CityModels) & Amande