Dajo Van den Bussche

Dajo Van den Bussche ( b. 1998, Ostend ) is an artist based in Ostend, Belgium. His work has aspects from documentary photography aswel as a more suggestive way of composing certain objects. Each series is a combination of own material and found footage. The starting point and main influence in Dajo’s work is cyberpunk culture and science fiction. These have a big impact on how the artist views a land/ cityscape and the uncertainty of how these will change in a futuristic context.

The analog and slow workflow of how each image is made, is contradictory to the subject or starting point that Dajo brings up. The images can be interpreted autonomously but presented in one project.
The starting point for this series came from my fascination and interest in how the medium of photography can manipulate and mislead a viewer. By working with certain aesthetics and subjects, the viewer is automatically pushed towards a direction.

I ask myself: what if I as an image-maker respond to this idea and compose a series of images that are autonomous and have no substantive connection. The explanation about a certain image can be told as a story or as a personal experience which results in the fact that photography is a medium that is still seen as a reliable source of visual information.

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