Carlos Martí

Carlos Martí was born in Madrid in March 1992, after graduating from the secondary school in his hometown, he enlisted the army in the elite paratrooper unit where he would spend two years, part of those years in Afghanistan.

Upon returning from the mission he left the army and began to work as a model, which allowed him to travel constantly and develop photography in a self-taught way as a tool of expression, which he used to capture his visual reality and interest in transmitting an improvised social poetry. After living 5 years between cities like London, New York, Berlin, South Africa or Shanghai, he stayed in Mexico, a place he loves and where he feels more artistically inspired. He currently works as a photographer, developing "AZTLAN" and "PEGASO", abstract image projects, and being a fashion collaborator in magazines such as Magazine 192 or BAFP Magazine and brands like The pack brand.

My work is a constant study of composition through light, shape, color and texture. In it converge my duality in the understanding of my own visual reality, the study and development of my abstract introspection through the term Neoperceptismo * and my constant admiration of life as a poetic factor of alteration of the medium, where street photography transforms in an improvised social poetry, which I inevitably feel part of.

My photography is the dialogue between the music I listen to while walking and the contemplation of the deaf world that moves around me. For me this fact is very important because it is my main source of inspiration and marks the rhythm, movement and feeling of the image.

* Term developed. Neoperceptism is the active exercise of individual observation of the free environment of useful conditioning, stripping our visual reality of the referential component, understanding space as a set of light, shape, color and texture, purely abstract, purely physical.