Rainy Siagian was born in 1994 in Belgium and is a visual artist currently living and working in-between Belgium and Iceland. She holds a BA and an MFA in Photography from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
Her most recent series Birdwatching and Silver Sunbeam has been nominated for the International Photography Grant 2019 and it has been published in Magazines including Aint-Bad, Phases, and many others.

Her work deeply reflects on life as a natural process of change by constantly researching and exploring in every direction. Inspired by the off-grid, she aims to focus on visual storytelling in order to get as close as possible to her subject.

In Birdwatching and Silver Sunbeam, Rainy Siagian attempts to observe the way the midnight sun affects the landscape in Iceland. This is a natural phenomenon that takes place during the summertime where a consecutive 24-hour span of sunlight can be experienced.

By switching her day into night and night into day, body and mind got fully confused. Days seem to be endless. A dark, starry night can’t be observed. Through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within her, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics.

After midnight while everyone else is asleep, the birds and herself seem to be the only ones who are still awake in the land where the sun doesn’t set, it barely touches the horizon and fades seamlessly into the sunrise.

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