Bernardo Ferreira

Photography is the chosen medium where the appreciation of the subject portrayed is explicit, giving equal attention to all types of objects, whether human, non-human, real, fictitious... The reality of things is constantly withdrawn or veiled, in the process of artistic work rather than directly accessible, and therefore any attempt to make sense of reality through direct and literal language will inevitably be unsatisfying. In a sense, things cannot be defined, as they are always concrete, while definitions are universal. “Things” in the broadest possible sense of the term, which still maintains a certain degree of autonomy, despite their interrelationships.

The work of art understood as a “thing” providing a particular determined pleasure which we call aesthetics, making “it seems” that interiority and its reality is open to us. nAffirming that the work itself seems to have a specific way of touching reality, through its distortion, mostly taking advantage of the enlargement for this purpose. But the term "look" is ambiguous, "since one could think of many other ways to seem to grasp the thing-in-itself: simply taking a photograph might suffice, if seeming were all that mattered”.1

1 HARMAN, Graham, Object-Oriented Ontology, 2018, p. 82